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Silky and lightweight, theSIORO kimono style dressing gown is perfect for lounging around the house in

'The most comfortable pair of trousers I have ever worn':. Promoted 'These are the leggings every woman should own': Amazon. Promoted From bust enhancing bikinis to high waisted retro sets,. 'Best wire free bra I have found so far': Women are praising. Promoted

The humble dressing gown has had more than its fair share of use over the past few months, with so many of us working from home. However, as we move into summer, a snug fleecy number is far from desirable as temperatures rise.

One reviewer on Amazon wrote: 'These are perfect! Material is so soft and looks really elegant. Perfect length and sizes! I purchased 6 for my bridesmaids, and got them personalised with names under heat press.'


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