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Article content continuedHelpful Hint: Condo living is tough at the best of times. If the bylaws do not allow for things like adding an air conditioning unit, then there may not be anything you can do unless you want to change the bylaws.

Unfortunately, you may not get the answer you want.

Q Should all motions, and the discussion pertaining to those motions, be included in the Annual General Meeting (AGM) minutes? Also, shouldn't the motions that are to be presented under new business at an AGM be quite clear on the AGM agenda? My concern is that only those attending the AGM would be privy to the full context of the motion. All owners, not just those who attend the AGM, have a right to know how theirfunds are being used.

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Article content continuedHelpful Hint: Minute taking is an art, and it requires an understanding of what is relevant and what is not relevant. However, I have always taken the approach that a good set of minutes provides information and an understanding of the direction of the owners and/or board.


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