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Source global Wall Street Journal     time 2020-09-26 05:45:20
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The result? It used to be that households headed by someone over the age of 50 began to deleverage that is, pay down their debt. Now, we're seeing an opposite phenomenon: those families instead go further into arrears, acquiring even more debits on the household budget sheet at ages previous generations associated with the early bird special.

I retired at 62, taking less in SS by not waiting. But my kids were lucky they had managed to obtain good educations BEFORE the cuts to educational funding. They did it on their own, scholarships and work while attending college. Some of their kids are going to colleges, but many are working at full time jobs that they have had since high school and are doing well.

Different world now economy still not good scholarships few and far between costs up every year and student debt sky rocketing.


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