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Maru used to ship with sshd disabled [0] but it was enabled because of all the requests I was getting from users who wanted to run the system headless without needing an HDMI display and BT keyboard around to set sshd up. I assumed that users would change the default password after the initial login, but as many of you have pointed out, hope is not a strategy when it comes to security. It thanks to feedback like this that Maru continues to move onwards and upwards.[0]: https: https:

A complete desktop experience on a smartphone

Yes, and it took around 20 years to go from the patent for the first underpinnings of applications for phones other than communication in the 1970s to Simon Personal Communicator in the early 90s, and then another 10 15 years for the first smart phones to emerge. If people gave up because it "had been tried before", we wouldn have any of the technology we had (in fact, we would still be planting crops with wooden sticks because Thog got trampled trying to chase some wildebeest off of his early attempts at farming). You can use any windows 10 device as a screen but usually the laptops I have near me are mine, so they already have everything I need. You put your powerpoint slides on the phone, and if all else fails you can project your slides to any w10 laptop that near.


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