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Source global Wall Street Journal     time 2020-09-26 06:51:07
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The famous scene in Act II is more effective now as Lady Macbeth declares: "The dagger which I see before me has not been recognised. Please check and try again."

He is somebody who has his runners firmly on the ground and he is also incredibly modest.

Some people have suggested that my new production for the Royal Shakespeare Company is gimmicky, but I am convinced that the Dalek is absolutely right for the part of Macbeth. This is not a case of casting some television celebrity just to get more bums on seats; in fact my aim is to get more heads poking up nervously from behind seats. This casting is perfectly consistent with the spirit of Shakespeare's tragedy.

This creates just the right atmosphere of mystery and confusion and it is no wonder that the Dalek Macbeth croaks: "Your or ders have not been under stood. My circuits are over heating."

A tale told by a menacing alien life

In our production she wears a skin tight one piece silver foil jump suit. We did a lot of workshopping to get the voice right.


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